Everything you need to know about fraudulent mortgage situation in the UK 

On this page we will explain to you what really happens when you take out a mortgage. We will show you the material evidence and use a real life case file, courtesy of Helen Gardiner, who has kindly let us use her situation as an example here, to show you just how corrupt and sinister the system really is.

Since 2012, Helen has been fighting to get her original contract from the company she took out her mortgage with. Since then, another mortgage company has taken over her account i.e. brought the account from the previous company, so, she has been trying for the last four years to get her original agreement. This is a clear breach of contract law, as one contract cannot roll over when a new lender has taken over. A new contract must be issued by the new provider and must set out new terms and conditions under contract law, and most importantly, must be signed by the debtor and creditor and witnessed.

Below, we will show you the timeline all of the paperwork was sent and what it means 

1. Letter sent from the solicitors of Helen's original lender, confirming that the Mortgage is live.

2. Letter confirming the agreed price and other relevant information

3. Letter from HM Land Registry to confirm stamp duty

4. This one is very important. Notice in the terms and conditions, that the mortgage lender, has fraudulently conned you into signing over power of attorney to them. This is a clear breach of contract law, but don't take my word, check it for yourself! 

5. This is an enhanced and blown up version of the terms and conditions above, highlighting the transfer of power of attorney, so you can read it clearly

6. After years of fighting, with no remedy, Helen decided to get in touch with www.expertinalllegalmatters.com ​​
We then sent out a letter to the Mortgage provider, asking for valid original documents. As you can see below, they weren't very happy and contacted their legal team who then sent this letter out. Makes for interesting reading. After them slating us through their response, note that they did in fact, give us exactly what we originally asked for!

7. The most important document of them all. This is what we asked for in our letter to the Mortgage provider. They had no choice but to send it. This is a real life Mortgage Deed, something you are not meant to even see whilst alive, only the next of kin get to see this​​. This is where the fraud is now presented to you. firstly, notice that the house number states 17. This is fraudulent, as Helen lives at 17a. All correspondence from the mortgage provider and the solicitors, is addressed to 17a, but, it clearly shows on the Mortgage Deed below, that Helen's house number is 17. Clearly there is the first part of the fraud.

Also note, that Helen's handwriting, at the very bottom of the page is her original signature. Have a look at all the other writing on the document as it clearly does not match. This has been fraudulently added by a third party in an attempt to mimic Helen's handwriting and is therefore criminal fraud. The evidence speaks for itself.

8. Now we know there is criminal fraud being committed against Helen, by one or more corporations, we have then instructed Helen to go to the police and show the evidence. It is now being investigated by ActionFraud and all corporations involved, i.e. HM Land Registry, Oakwood Mortgage Providers and their solicitors will have criminal charges brought against them, and will be answerable to the real law.