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Trust Law and Estates

On this page, we will explain how Trust Law and Estates come into play, and how you can use them to protect yourself.

Governments and companies are not after your physical money, what they are really going for is your material wealth, i.e. your land, houses, cars and estate ect.

If you don't define your assets in law, the Governments and companies will define it for you and will nominate trustees on your behalf via the birth certificate that you are attached to i.e. "Mr" "Ms" "Miss" "Mrs" "Master" and your "SURNAME" which are maritime law, trust law and ecclesiastical law, which falls under the Vatican rules.

Boniface VIII The Bull Unam Sanctam 1302.

Aeterni Regis Sixtus IV 1481.

The Council of Trent Bull Of The Convocation.

On September 1st 2013 Pope Francis declared an Apostolic Letter Issued MOTU PROPRIO, On The Jurisdiction of Judicial Authorities of Vatican State In Criminal Matters,

For all of the normal men and woman means no one is above the law not even the Pope Francis.

Things are changing you will get remedy in law if you get your affairs in order , your estate is the most important, Will and Testament, Coat of Arms, Stamps of the Estate, Chancery, things you need to do in order for you to safe guard your assets.

We are now in a position to help you get your affairs/Estate in Order. We are building up a worldwide client base of people who want their estate protected in the land of the real and legal. We design in-house, your personal Coat of Arms, seals and all the paperwork to back them up, plus are on hand to witness the fact by signing and providing our fingerprints on the certifications and will and testament.

Below are example of part of the work needed in order to go about setting up and protecting your estate. We will be using Helen and Adrian's coat of arms and estate stamps (which we design from scratch, tailored to your own heraldry and family genealogy) this is a long process which needs very specific things in order to become lawful and legal. The Coat of arms and stamps are only one part, the other, is notarising it all with documentation which needs to be witnessed, signed and stamped. As you might expect, this is a very skilled task that requires expert knowledge and time to perfect. 

Examples of real Coat Of Arms and Stamps

Can't wait for the original finished cast to arrive!