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Proof of the two lives running side by side

The evidence that we are going to present below, will be material evidence of the fact that the United Kingdom is not a sovereignty, but in fact, is a corporation which has been concealed through miscellaneous and deliberate deception by the means of hiding the fact, through a number of other companies/funds/trusts all routed through the United States of America, which ultimately proves that the US owns the United Kingdom and its commonwealth states 


Below is a screenshot from  (The U.S Securities and Exchange   
Commission) this shows that the United Kingdom is registered as a trust fund owned by the U.S Federal Government. 

We have material evidence to link everything together and a very interesting PDF book compiled by a person who has discovered the real truth. It's a big read, but everything he says correlates to the message that we are trying to get across to you all. Enjoy the read; it is certainly an eye opener. Use the download button below to access the PDF directly.

Proof from (dun&bradstreet) that the United Kingdom is a Corporation