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  1. what a good help this guy is, i went from pleading guilty at my first crown court hearing, to walking out of the 5th hearing without anything happening that will affect me or my children, and i must say to walk out of a court for the first time in my life without being charged with costs or not having any fine or probation, or dreaded free work to do, let alone a prison sentence to do, or even a ban, after expecting all those things, was an amazing feeling! also finding out that what i have been learning for the last 5 years really does have an impact on the way these places treat you, if worded correctly and dealt with face to face correctly, you can show them for what they are and they will reason with you beautifully, it was more than poetic beauty it was a stunning show, i'd like to say a big thankyou to Steve, and i would like to recomend him to all my friends whoever you are, and whatever mess you get into, this guy can almost certainly help! p.s. it does help to have some knowledge of the truth first