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Here is a little about us and what we do in our individual fields
We all have our specific areas of expertise. What we are trying to accomplish is providing the real truth tho the people. The so called governments (corporations) have been hiding information and lying to us for centuries. It's time the truth was told.
Our philosophy is very simple. 

We all know that there are problems in the world we live in and in most cases, the scales are tipped to favour those in power and with money. These people use all the tools in their arsenal to oppress, bring us down and make sure that our voices are never heard, even though we are lead to believe we live in a just and fair democracy. To say we live in a democracy is so far from the truth it begs belief.

We want to show you, the people that their is a way to fight back and make a difference. Doctors, healthcare professionals, law enforcement, judges and politicians have one main agenda. And that is to make as much money out of us as they possibly can. Council tax bills, speeding tickets, income tax, in fact all manner of taxation. It all stems from a much bigger picture.

If you read this and think that you want to help change this and fight the good fight, then we would love to hear from you. All contact information can be found on our site and we will always get back to you.