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001. Residential Mortgage Securities 30 PLC
002. UK+Income+Bond+Fund+Quarterly+Holdings+Report
003. Residential Mortgage Securities 28 Plc Deal v1.1 Compared To RMBS v1.0
004. Residential Mortgages Number 1 PLC
005. Newgate - Issue of Series 2007-3 Mortgage Backed Floating Rate Notes
006. Money Partners Securities 1 PLC
007. Kensington Mortgages Limited 395 Form - Owened by Barclays Bank PLC - 18th Feb 2008
009. Issue of Series 2007-1 Mortgage Backed Floating Rate Notes
010. Residential Mortgage Securities 22 Plc
011. Issue of Series 2008-1 Mortgage Backed Floating Rate Notes
012. EuroABS Limited
013. Moody's assigns provisional ratings to RMBS notes to be issued by Residential Mortgage
014. Bowler Finance PLC - Amendment of Series 2008-01
015. Kensington and Oakwood mentioned - GBP 16,900,000 Pass-Through Mortgage Backed Notes due
016. MORTGAGE BACKED FLOATING RATE NOTES - Kensigton and Oakwood - ALBA2006-1_8289