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The most honourable Judge on the planet

Judge Anna Von Reitz has dedicated her working life as an Alaskan state judge. She has tiredly perused the truth about the criminal fraud that is so prevalent in our society, both here in the UK and all over the world. On this page of our site, we will be dedicating factual material evidence of her amazing work. We will be listing many relevant documents, letters and forms in which she writes personally and of which we feel are of significant insight and benefit to all. 

Estate Claim Letter
Notice of Beneficiaries

July 11, 2016
His Holiness Francis
00120 Vatican City State, EUROPE

Most Beloved Francis,
We write to you today regarding settlement of all debts owed to the True God, to the actual Universal
Church, to us, our family, our countrymen and to all people of this world. It has been three years since
you issued your Motu Proprio.

It is written that when what is true comes, what is false must pass away.
It is also written that Satan is “the Father of All Lies” so that there can be no doubt where lies come from
and the ultimate fate of those falsehoods.

It is also written that Yeshuah will come again and at the same time, He promises that he is with us

The meaning of this is now clear. He never left. He lives in us. He is here and now it is time for the
Kingdom of Lies and the Rulership of Satan to end.
We are among those appointed to destroy by our lineage foretold and written on the altar of the Church

Now we must draw your attention to some facts plainly stated in the Bible.

1. Peter, that is, Faith in Forgiveness, is the cornerstone of the Church Yeshuah founded, yet Peter is the
precisely the stone rejected by the builders of the church that arose from the Council of Nicea. Peter was
never the Bishop of Rome.

2. Paul was the Apostle to the Romans and Founder of the Roman Church. Thus, Paul, not Peter, is the
Founder of all that you cherish and the Bishop of Rome that you follow, but you cannot have it both
ways. No man can have two Masters. This is the central problem and dilemma of the Church, the Lie at
the Foundation that must be addressed. To correct this you must take Peter, Faith in Forgiveness, into
your heart.

3. Judas betrayed Yeshuah in one way and Peter betrayed him in another. Both men were guilty, and of
the two, Peter most of all ---- for Judas only offered up the body, but Peter’s sin struck at heart and mind
as well. How is it then that Judas despaired, went out and hanged himself, yet Peter who bore the more
heinous sin wept and rose up to glory? Peter who loved Yeshuah had faith in Him; he knew that the love
and wisdom of Yeshuah would not fail. Peter knew he could be and would be forgiven even the greatest
of sins. Thus he was able to rise up and do great things despite the enormity of his own sin.

4. We encourage you to take Peter’s lesson into your heart today as you face the enormity of the
Church’s betrayal, not just of the body of Our Lord, but of His mind and spirit as well. Let Peter be your
cornerstone at last. Let Faith in Forgiveness guide you to choose life and glory for the Church, instead of
despair and an ignoble end.

5. You must lay aside all claim that authority passed from Peter to the Vicar of Rome. The Vicar of
Rome is the Vicar of Rome. All pretense otherwise must be set aside, for that is the basis upon which so
many other lies and sins recline.

6. We must also admit that Pope Innocent III was possessed by the Spirit of Falsehood and ego. His
works and his ways must come to an end both within and outside the Church. He dishonored the peace of
God and instead of loving Our Father set himself up to reign as a False God and False Steward and he
taught his successors to deal likewise in iniquity, cruelty and blasphemy.

7. The Church has become wealthy and unimaginably powerful and has not only fornicated with the
kings of the Earth, but given birth to them, and they have committed many atrocities in the name of God,
heaping blasphemy upon blasphemy. The Church so adulterated and those Monarchs thus promoted have
usurped and misled Mankind into gross suffering, unnecessary peril and divine reckoning.

8. We won’t enumerate even a very short list of the past sins of the Roman Church, but we assure you that
they are all these things are fully known in great detail and will not be forgiven if they are not confessed
and repented.

9. The Kingdom of Lies which has thus been founded amounts to a Principality of the Dead--- a realm of
incorporated legal fictions and personas --- and what are these but more lies? It is therefore clear that the
Church of Rome has colluded in this with the Father of All Lies and has grown rich and powerful because
of it.

10. Even as the Church of Rome’s wealth and power has grown and the reach of its administration
extended into every aspect of our lives, its spirit and connection to the Lord of Life has declined, until
now it stands on Death’s Doorway.

11. This Kingdom of Lies has been administered through a system of interlocking trust directorates all
tied directly or indirectly to your office. Let us examine the actual meaning of “trust” applied by your
“trustees”--- Ancient Latin: “trucido”: to kill cruelly, massacre, slaughter, butcher, slay.

12. Thus, through their offices, these trustees have slain the innocent by identity theft and fraud and
sought to mischaracterize and misrepresent the victims who are actually heirs of the Kingdom as things—
legal fictions arbitrarily defined as debtors and as slaves.

13. The mechanism of this genocide on paper is simple enough. The instigators introduced and used a
corrupted form of Latin known as “DOG-LATIN’ to name living people in agreements transferring
property and other documents written in English, German, and other descriptive languages. The innocent saw what appeared to be their name in the context of the surrounding English text and did not recognize it
for what it was: sign language used to mischaracterize them as things—corporations-- not people.

14. Combining two dissimilar languages in one document , one of those languages being corrupt and not
identified as a separate language at all, renders all contracts, all legal documents that have employed
“DOG-LATIN” as part of an English, German, or other text, invalid, null and void ab initio. No such
combined jurisdiction can exist.

15. Let us provide an example so that everyone can be educated in this matter. In Ancient Latin a name
would be written: ANNA-MARIA-RIEZINGER. In “DOG-LATIN” it would be written: ANNA
MARIA RIEZINGER without hyphens connecting the words. This construction creates a full stop
between each word, so that it is rendered: ANNA. MARIA. RIEZINGER. This is clearly nonsense and
not a name at all, but a disconnected and un-related series of names. It is gibberish.

16. Thus we fulfill the prophecy of Isaiah 27 and 28 and break all contracts with the dead incorporated
persons created by this fraudulent conveyance and all the associated infamous practices that have served
to defraud and enslave the living people are likewise overthrown.

17. While pretending to be the Shepherds of God, it is apparent that the Church administrative hierarchy
has instead been intent upon the raping and pillaging of God’s Lambs and has placed false claims against
their bodies and souls.

18. An examination of the various constitutional documents creating all the secular governments in the
world shows that with the exception of the original Constitution for the united States of America which is
written entirely in English, every similar agreement is tainted with “DOG-LATIN” and is invalidated by
its use. The only country on Earth having a valid agreement with Rome is ours, and every attempt has
been made to misrepresent and mischaracterize and usurp this one, too.

19. The motive for all this wrong-doing is rooted in the promotion of an ancient and venal pagan religion
based on idolatry and requiring the worship of the graven images known as money. One of your offices,
that of Pontiff, is especially charged within this religion to serve as the bridge between the living who
have been forced to depend upon this evil system as a means of exchange and trade, and the dead
corporations operating as banks and governmental services corporations that feed upon it. In other words,
the Office of Pontiff is singularly responsible for banking and what goes on in the world because of it.

20. The arbitrary nature of the fiat currencies which use engraved images on pieces of paper is now all
too clear and so a retreat to gold and silver idols has commenced. It cannot be long before everyone
notices that this, too, is arbitrary and fraudulent. Gold and silver don’t really represent beans and rice. It
is an illusion similar to representative government. Please note, Francis, that gold is not actually
transformed by magic into soybeans, self-governance is not the same as governance by proxy, and except
in the wishful thinking of the Satanists among us, Communion wine is not the same as blood.

21. To the extent that we must have some means to trade goods and labor the world is again forced to use
gold and silver for a time as a form of Lesser Evil, but we clearly see that the world banking system is
another institutionalized fraud scheme wagered against the overall good of mankind, a system designed to
defraud, enslave, and steal from vast numbers of people for the benefit of a tiny elite that has glutted itself
on the blood and labor of the innocent, just as in the days of Pharaoh.

22. All home mortgages issued in the United States are based on constructive fraud. The fraud begins
when the banks advertise Home Loans. People assume that this is a solicitation for the banks to loan
them money to buy homes, but in fact, it is a solicitation to have people loan their homes as collateral for
the banks. The banks misrepresent Security Notes subject to Article 9 of the UCC as Promissory Notes
subject to Article 3. They never transfer title to any REMIC organization. They never pay any transfer
taxes. They are operating in open fraud to the detriment of over six million American families each year.

23. The Roman Pontiff has allowed this legal chicanery, false advertising, and the false claims against
the assets of the living people that result. So let’s be blunt--the Vatican owns the UCC and is responsible
for its misuse. The Curia is responsible for the existence of all these corporations. By Maxim of Law, we
are responsible for what we create, and the Holy See has spawned all this --- idolatry, lawlessness, fraud
and swindling on a scale not seen since Babylon. It’s well and truly beyond the rational time to repent
and take meaningful action against the lawyers and the banks, not merely a slap on the hands and not just
a hand-washing attempt to avoid culpability. You are under demand to put a stop to it.

24. The former Popes, the British Crown, and the French Rothschilds have all conspired to make this
entire world into a slave market where people and their assets are bought and sold like cattle. In America,
people are bonded without any knowing consent before they are out of the cradle, and these bonds
representing assets that belong uniquely and only to them are offered for sale to investors who participate
in this unlawful and unholy trade without even recognizing it for what it is. The profits are siphoned off
by the Roman Church and the British Crown and the French Central Bank owned by Rothschild.

25. The slave bonds known as CUSIP Bonds are created and then traded through the Bank of New York
and the DTC/DTTC. The profit is funneled to CEDES and then to the Vatican Bank where this blood
money is laundered and sent back to the Bank of Canada where the Queen and the Crown take their cut,
before sending on the rest back to the Bank of New York which funds all levels of the federal government
including the “federated States” and the “federated Counties”. Let’s make it perfectly clear that none of
these activities have anything whatsoever to do with us. None of these “States of States” or “Counties of
Counties” are ours. Our assets are not being wagered and these “things” --- these legal “persons” ---that
have been created in our names written in “DOG-LATIN” are merely more lies being told to us and about
us. And once again, it is time for this to stop. We are assets of the land, not the sea. Our nativity must be
recorded, not registered. We are people, not persons.

26. As noted, the only constitution that is grammatically and jurisdictionally correct is the American
Constitution written over 200 years ago and that communication is still binding upon Rome and England,
as are all the treaties which led up to it plus the Treaty of Ghent issued in 1814. None of the other
countries have a Constitution that is enforceable, so it is up to us to clean up this filthy mess and hold
Rome and the British Monarch to account for it. The gross misadministration and criminal trespasses that
we and the other nations have suffered must come to an end without further obfuscation or delay.

27. As affirmed by the Alaska State Superior Court operated under Article X of the only actual
Constitution by birthright Americans, there are still fifty states upon the land operated by living people
who are proven heirs and beneficiaries and they have come forward to claim their estates in their own
behalf and that of all the other American people, too.

28. Galling as it may be to generations of Church leaders and European Monarchs who have deeply
compromised their honor and betrayed our trust---the agreement stands and you are on the receiving end
of it. The Good Faith agreements made by the Americans have been honored by the Americans. It is
now upon your Honor and the Honor of the British Monarch to repent and reflect on the many debts that
are owed to the Americans, Canadians, Australians and others.

29. Our government is not in any “interregnum” as a result of our international Laundry Service
changing hands. We are still here, operating our actual and organic states as we always have.

30. Our government does not need any “postliminium” rights, as our government has not been overcome
in war or any other struggle. We have merely been set upon by criminals and pirates that have been
allowed to prey upon us by unfaithful, incompetent, dishonest and fully culpable trustees---both Popes
and Monarchs. The world can read our standing agreement with Rome and with the British Monarch and
see what it shall see: if you dishonor your agreement with the American States, you dishonor it in front of
the entire world. If you attack the Americans or meddle in our affairs or do anything but clean up your
joint operations on our soil and give us good faith service from now on, it will be clearly seen by the
entire world who is responsible for the chaos and violence and who has done or failed to do what is right
in the sight of the one True God.

31. In 1822 while under full international treaty and Concord, while acting as our trustees in the
jurisdiction of the air and the jurisdiction of the sea respectively ---and enjoying all the powers and
benefits thereof---the then-Pope and the British Monarch signed the Treaty of Verona and agreed to
undermine our lawful government which is of the people, by the people, and for the people ----- not of the
person, by the person, or for the person--- and set upon the current course of infamy.

32. The American treaties require that all of us who are living people claiming our birthright as American
State Nationals are recognized to be sovereigns equal to the king of England or France when standing
upon our land, and we are further guaranteed safe passage and protection and friendship in perpetuity
when we or our vessels in trade or commerce traverse the international jurisdiction of the sea. This,
summed up from the treaty obligations of Rome and England, is what we are owed and what we have
always been owed and which we claim.

33. We declare that no noble ends are served by evil means and no excuse exists for the history leading
to this circumstance. Murdering, raping, pillaging, evicting, cheating, slandering, mischaracterizing,
thieving, enslaving and press-ganging for Christ is not a tenable position to be in, no matter what
extenuating circumstance may be offered for it.

34. Those Satanists who have operated within the Roman Church and excused their activities and
presence as a necessary duty to teach the difference between good and evil have served no such purpose
at all: we are all perfectly able to tell the difference between good and evil and also have the ability to
recognize evil disguised as good. This is self-evident from the presentment before you.

35. We declare that the Law of Noah was overcome by Moses who parted the Red Sea and the Law of
Moses was overcome by Yeshuah who parted the veil between life and death and the Law of Yeshuah
stands. It is past time to stop living in the past which like all lies and incorporations is dead. We are all
the inheritors of one precious living moment and it is called now. Let us take action now against these
evils because there is no other time or place.

36. The perversion of our perception of time and cutting of the day into hours is yet another swindle and
attack against our wholeness, our good, and our minds. We are taught to think in terms of past, present,
and future but not to recognize the essential and important point: time does not really exist. It is just a
perceptual construct based upon our senses and experiences. What we perceive as past is, from a
different perspective, very much alive. What we perceived as the future and not yet born is, from a
different perspective, already dead and gone. The only true time is now, the present moment, in which
our consciousness dwells.

37. All representations of time, therefore, that are not the present and eternal now---are in essence lies
and labels attached to fictitious clockworks arbitrarily established and arbitrarily applied. There is no
special truth or honor or accuracy attributable to any of these systems used to catalogue events and
whatever ownership interest there may be in creating and making practical use of these systems is only a
liability----because once again, we are dealing with fictions---lies. It must be recognized that all
agreements are in fact concluded now and are in affect now and only exist now. Any description of time
discussed as 1822, 1868, etc., is to be understood in terms of this truth and only as a convention familiar
to you to promote your understanding of events.

38. In 1868 the Roman Catholic Church and its British affiliates took advantage of the chaos created by
the Civil War, and began a campaign of fraud and deception by incorporating “The United States of
America” and pawning this privately owned corporation off as the restored lawful government. It was in
fact just a deceptively named governmental services corporation operated by the Holy See and what
would later become the Vatican Bank. No peace treaty ending the Civil War was ever signed, which the
Holy See and Britain have used as an excuse to abuse Americans and keep the United States at war in
international venues ever since. Both the Holy See and Britain’s Monarchy have both promoted war for
profit at American expense and in betrayal of our trust to the detriment of the whole world for over a 150
years. This great sin, great fraud, and great betrayal of trust now stands before all nations. Let it be firmly
understood that America was the victim and that the corporations that have done this have preyed upon us
as they have preyed upon the entire world.

39. Following the Second World War the same players did the same thing, and spawned a new
governmental services corporation doing business as the UNITED STATES (INC.), only this time they
opened up the game to the French Rothschilds, too. The then-Pope, FDR, and the Crown agents had
bankrupted the “United States of America, Incorporated” in 1933 and promoted the Great Fraud by
creating millions of Foreign Situs Trusts merely named after living Americans and using these
deceptively named apparitions to lay false claims against our property both public and private. By 1944,
the guilty parties were busily using the bankrupted pass through corporation calling itself the United
States of America (Inc.) to siphon off the wealth of America and place false claims against the assets of
the American People---the same innocent Allies and “friends in perpetuity” that they were all obligated
under trust indentures, international treaties, and commercial contracts to serve.

40. Now all the Higher Contracting Powers are scurrying around trying to do the same thing again---
bankrupt the UNITED STATES (INC,) and assert a false claim that we are all standing good for it, so that
their chosen bankruptcy trustees can come ashore and begin a new round of pillaging. It isn’t going to
work. We can see through all the various false claims and mechanisms, the fraudulent bankruptcies, the
creation of new public transmitting utilities named after us in more “DOG-LATIN”, the generation
skipping trusts designed to deny us any benefit in our own lifetimes and to steal our grandfather’s estates
as abandoned property. We know it all, see it all, and we are not amused, Francis. We are laughing at
General Dunford and the Neu Republique. We already chose new international representatives from
among the federal corporations and the Neu Republique isn’t in the running. The United Nations Security
Council, the Queen, and your Office have been fully informed and so has Jacob Rothschild. We will not
be playing that game anymore. The Bank of International Settlements has been directed to settle the
American accounts, discharge any National Debt and get on with making settlement for all that we are
owed---and no, we won’t be requiring any loans of our own assets back to us at interest anymore.

41. By 1908, the then-Roman Pontiff and the British Monarch tightened their grip and prepared for more
fun and games ---pillaging and stealing from Americans they were under trust indenture, commercial
contract and every requirement of decency and honor to protect. They set up the FBI, and then the private
European-controlled central bank known as the Federal Reserve System in 1913, and right after that, the
private Internal Revenue Service---- the updated version of the Inquisition, which just like the confessions
and payments of tithes required by the Fourth Lateran Council of 1215 are supposedly “voluntary” and
collected on April 15th. Every bit of it, including this connection of the Inquisition with the Internal
Revenue Service is known.

42. The income tax which was the object of the Internal Revenue Service’s mission began as “Peter’s
Pence” ----a crusade tax which the kings of France and Britain first levied on their subjects in 1166 and
1188 and which was used to finance World War I, World War II, and the endless conflicts before, after,
and in between. In America during World War II this was touted as a Victory Tax that was supposed to
automatically sunset when the armed conflict ended, but lacking any specific ending date, the Internal
Revenue Service just kept on strong-arming and extorting and collecting and filing bogus charges against
the hapless Americans year after year. Hundreds of thousands of Americans then as now are rotting in
federal jails for the crime of not paying taxes they never owed. For this crime alone, the Vatican Treasury
deserves to be liquidated.

43. Apparently anything including flatulent cows are to be taxed and used to justify the imposition of
new taxes on the poor and the working people of this and every other nation. The Holy See and the
British Monarch just don’t seem to know when to leave well-enough alone or how to pay their own bills
for all the destruction their policies have caused the environment and the all the misery and death they
have inflicted on innocent people. Neither does the United States Congress ---the Board of Directors of
the French IMF sponsored shell corporations that have been here on our soil pretending to be our
government since 1944. We are sick of it, Francis, full up to the gills, and you had better believe that we
do know and can prove every nasty little bit of this sick and vermin-infested history.

44. Bear in mind, as you must, that all of this mechanism designed for fraud and racketeering and war
profiteering was and is owned by the Roman Pontiff: the private Federal Reserve owned and operated by
the Pope, wrote the amendment to the Trading With the Enemy Act in 1917 to include the trusting
American people among the “Enemies” and mandated that they be licensed to conduct trade---one of
their most basic natural rights was licensed as a criminal activity subject to government regulation by the
foreign private Federal Reserve Banks. This was done to the tune of Yankee Doodle Dandy, to save the
bacon of England and France and Rome in World War I, and then just left on the books and never
corrected. It’s going to get corrected now, Francis, one way or another.

45. The American People were lied to and told that their government required them to obtain a Social
Security Number and a pension account and that they needed to establish this in order to have a job in
their own country and to fund old age pensions in their declining years. This forced application under
conditions of deceit and misinformation in fact set up a bank account in the Federal Reserve System
under their name written in “DOG-LATIN” for the Roman Pontiff and the British Monarch to plunder at
will, and reduced the hard-working American people--- your Allies, friends, supporters, and by the
millions, your parishioners----to the status of slaves and at least on paper rendered all their possessions as
chattel subject to the will of the Pope and the British Monarch. Nice of you guys. This very neatly shows
up what the Vatican and the British Crown and the French Government have done while pretending to be
our friends and Allies and acting in the role of our international trustees and service providers.

46. In 1921 the phony corporate “Congress” abdicated its duty to control the money and turned it over to
the Holy See’s Federal Reserve System to be the Fiscal Agent of the United States Treasury, which
promptly ceased to exist in 1924, taking vast amounts of American wealth with it. That didn’t stop the
Holy See and the Crown Agents from pretending that the United States Treasury still existed. They just
renamed their own shill companies after it, in a dizzying array of permutations: The United States
Treasury, the Treasury of the United States, the United States Treasury Department, the U.S. Treasury,
the Department of the Treasury----take your pick, Francis. After that, you can kindly deduce that we are
not playing this game anymore.

47. There is one actual American corporation still standing and it is called the united States of America.
The word “united” is just a descriptive adjective. The word “United” is not part of our Trade Name and
never was. The States of America are sovereign states, not incorporated “States of States”. Our states are
the ones that do all the incorporating, not the incorporated franchises thereof. Everyone, worldwide,
really needs to get this straight: America = States of America. United States = Our Hired Help. United
States of America = Their Hired Help.

48. Every Act passed by this phony corporate Congress since 1868 applies only to the federal corporation
and its actual employees. Each and every “Act” --as in play performance--- passed by these Jokers has to
be approved by you or your delegated minions ---the so-called Lord High Chancellors in Equity---
otherwise known as the Cardinal Bishops parading around in every Archdiocese. It is all made explicit in
Elements of Ecclesiastical Law published in 1894. Every statute authorized by these criminals is canon
law---and your direct responsibility. This includes the income tax and the legalization of abortion and
gay marriage and the so-called Affordable Health Care Act, Patriot Act, and so much more. We suggest
that you make good use of your red ink pen, but that is not really our business, is it? We’ve agreed to let
you conduct your business and you’ve agreed to let us conduct ours, and so that’s the way it is---or at
least should be--- if we can just address this continuing matter of mischaracterizing Americans as US
citizens and your States of States trying to glom onto property and assets that in fact belong to our states
and to us.

49. All the men and women parading around here in black robes pretending to be American judges are
nothing whatsoever but private Bill Collectors of the Vatican and British Crown and French Central
Bank---which is busily trying to palm its debts off onto us and enforce them as our debts by fronting the
Neu Republique----and some of them are priests of Cybele, otherwise known as Ashtoreth, the Mother of
Harlots and the Great Abomination. These pagan priests have had a special relationship with the Roman
Pontiff since the Second Century BC and they are still here, promoting every kind of evil, fraud and
deceit. They’ve run their course here, Francis. Tell them to vacate our courthouses, and never again seek
to confuse anyone here about anything.

50. The Council of Trent is what Americans have been forced to live under and nearly all of us have been
commandeered at birth, mischaracterized in violation of the Geneva Conventions as Foundlings and
capitulated as slaves---- and according to you and Queen Bess, we are all what is called United States
Citizens---- but it is left unstated which United States? The sick, vile, venal, depraved, constantly
bankrupted, violent, and disgusting Empire of Lies that the Pontiff and the Monarchs rule over, or the
United States we are owed by you and Elizabeth II? We need to get this straightened out, Francis, and
right about now. “Feed my sheep,” He said. That doesn’t translate as “Rape and kill them because they
are stupid.” It doesn’t translate as, “Dumb them down some more so that they can’t even read English,
much less read Latin.” And then use that same ignorance as your excuse to enslave and steal from them.

51. There has been a great deal of identity theft and deliberate constructive fraud based on deceptively
similar names going on and not just with things like the United States Treasury Department that doesn’t
exist or the three different versions of Internal Revenue Service with three different Commissioners at
their respective heads. According to the Definitive Treaty of Peace, Paris, 1783, we are “the free,
sovereign, and independent people of the United States”---- not the “inhabitants” --- not British Subjects
merely here to provide governmental services. Yet, via deceit, false registrations, and every kind of
deliberate confusion including the use of “DOG-LATIN” we have been misidentified as British Subjects,
mere “residents” of our own country, taxed as foreigners, mischaracterized as corporations, robbed,
murdered, jailed, and treated as anything and everything but what we are. You and Elizabeth II and the
Rothschild bankers are responsible for this ---even though it got started a long time ago, it has come down
to you; it is up to you to do the decent things required by the Law of Yeshuah to end it and to admit that
both the Law of Noah and the Law of Moses are at an end, rendered obsolete and meaningless by the Law
of Love. We are not obligated to obey the 80,000,000 statutes standing on the books of the truly Evil
Empire, and we are here to tell you that we are not.

52. It was 2008 when we brought this situation to the attention of Benedict XVI and he promised to end
it. Eight long years have passed. When I contacted the Archbishop here and asked for his help in
observing and ending the foreclosure fraud in his role as Lord High Chancellor in Equity--- not a word
was heard. Not a peep. Not a centime was dropped in our collection plate. After three certified letters in
the name of and under the orders of Pope Benedict, no change was made. No effort was made to stop the
probate fraud. Nothing was done to recognize and expedite the re-conveyance of property back to the
Americans it belongs to. If anything, the rush to grab up more property and harm more Americans was
accelerated. The man that Benedict entrusted with the Seal of St. Peter was arrested and railroaded on
bogus charges and is sitting in a federal prison----and here you are, Francis, allowing all this to go on?
These persons work for you. They act at your command. They are dependent on your payroll. Reconvey
all the property back to the Americans to whom it belongs as of 2008 when our claim was made.
There may be reasons but there are never excuses for letting this go on another day.

53. We have waited while those directly involved in the administration of this giant manure pile have
entertained us with False Flags and threats and tried to issue mandates disarming us and have assembled
commercial mercenary armies on our soil, operating under color of law as the new FBI, DOJ, BLM,
DHS, FEMA, BATF, etc., bankrupted more versions of United States and United States of America, and
continued to prosecute false claims against us and our property assets via private corporate tribunals that
don’t have any valid jurisdiction related to us. Look at the situation with LaVoy Finicum, an American
rancher murdered by the FBI at the behest of the BLM which was engaged in a shady deal trying to sell
the Russians our Uranium. Read our lips, Francis. This isn’t going to fly. Everyone on Earth can and
will recognize at last what the “United States” is and that it is not “America”----and then, inevitably, the
Americans will rise up on one side and the rest of the world will rise up on the other, and anyone left
promoting this criminality will be alone and in the middle, hated by both sides. Ever heard the saying---
“between a rock and a hard place”? That’s where the Church of Rome and the Inner City of London and
Jacob Rothschild and all the other Party Hearties who have promoted and condoned this outrageous fraud
are sitting. Therefore, make haste and agree with your brother. Return the purloined property interests
owed to the Americans and their lawful government. We remind you that fraud vitiates everything, even
the most solemn contracts, and that this entire circumstance was created by the most venal kind of fraud
and sophistry: identity theft.

54. You must admit that the United States doesn’t have the beginning of a just claim to one cubic
centimeter of the Oregon State owed to the people of this nation, and that the United States and its hired
agencies are actually under contract to serve us. Admit that LaVoy Finicum was murdered and those with
him placed under false arrest by people whose equipment and paychecks were paid for with his labor.
Order the release of all Americans being held in federal prisons. We are fed up to overflowing with
empty promises of meaningful action to correct Vatican operations on our soil. We are sick of your Lord
High Chancellors in Equity stealing everything but the bathroom faucets from us and then
sanctimoniously reminding us about the needs of The Poor--- while they are themselves refusing to make
correction, participating in the eviction of the poor from their homes and ensuring continued widespread

55. The criminal abuse and mismanagement of the United States and the deception and horrible abuse of
the innocent American people and their states on the land for 150 years has led to America being hated
and feared around the world through no fault of its own; we have been deceived, used, misled, betrayed
by men--- Popes and Monarchs--- who literally owe us their lives, their security, their wealth, their
positions of honor, and instead of saying, “Thank you!” several of those perpetrators responsible have
indulged in plots to kill their creditors. For this, they deserve universal condemnation. In the Pontiff’s
system of things, it is your right and responsibility to liquidate corporations that have operated as crime
syndicates. We can imagine no greater crime than to defraud people so as to amass odious debts against
them and their estates, and then use that same debt as an excuse to attack those who are in fact the Priority

56. The only states the Vatican owns are states of mind, legal fictions created from lies, formed from
empty air by the Father of All Lies. The living people are owed the actual land and the sea and the air.
Not one iota of it belongs to any-thing. We are here to remind you that the True Lord created Man and
that we are people, not persons. Our grandfather’s estates are now ours. There can be no claim of
abandonment. Our states, actual geographically defined states on the land, are owed freedom and the
security of their borders and support for their lawful governments and generosity toward their people. All
these inequities must be balanced, all these injustices righted.

57. So, Francis, let our people go. Let the Americans go in peace and return to their own rightful political
status and restore their own lawful government. Meddle with us no more and forbid the British and the
French and other subject nations from interfering. Expedite the Exodus. Release every bit of American
soil and every asset of our country which has been held under false pretenses and subjected to false
claims. Thumb your nose at Satan, for his time has come.
If you do what is right in the sight of the True God, and even now seek His Kingdom and repent what has
gone on here, your mercy will merit mercy in return.

A great and final Passover is in preparation. In a single night those who refuse to repent and who refuse
to give mercy will be removed from our sight. They will be gone as if they never were, together with all
their evil works. They will be gone and they will not be remembered.
So the joy of those who have suffered will be complete and there will be no cause to mourn or think of
what might have been or yearn after those who are gone. Even the grief of any loss will be spared the
Blessed, who will not think of evil or feel fear or remember losses anymore.
Thus will the Will of the King of Kings be executed and against this just correction no man or nation of
men can stand. He will not kill five hundred million and ruin the land for the sins of 500. He will not
burn in anger against those who cannot understand.

None of the unjust claims and contracts and lies of Satan will bear fruit. Even now they are passing,
broken before you, like chaff blowing away in the wind, like shadows disappearing into light. Do not fear
their passing or seek to hold onto them. The living cannot be conjoined with the dead.
A copy of our decision regarding the status of the American estates is attached. There are indeed more
than enough living men who are verified as the progeny owed this country to reclaim each and every
nation-state. America is not abandoned and not subject to the claims of Secondary Creditors.
Please inform the United Nations, the Bank of International Settlements, the President of the United
States, the Joint Chiefs, and all the others who need to know.

The Vatican and its franchises must disgorge all the titles to American property which it has been
holding under false pretenses and profiting from.

All our property including the copyright to our given name, our birth certificates, our baptismal records,
our land deeds and records, mining claims and patents, trademarks, signatures, powers of attorney,
automobiles and other private property must be re-conveyed and returned to us free and clear.
No individual action or separate claim can be required to effectuate these remedies: all Americans and the
American States must be made whole. The Burden of Proof of natural United States Citizenship or
voluntary status as a citizen of the United States must be assumed by the perpetrators of this fraud against

Our nature as living men and women and our birthright political status must be honored.
All American homes foreclosed upon since 2008 must be returned to their lawful owners and/or all equity
owed, all losses, inconveniences, costs, and damages paid up.

Any collateral damages, forced sales, attorney fees, property losses or debts incurred as a result of fraud
and false presumption upon Americans must also be repaid and made good.

All seizures of private property, evictions, acts of extortion, and racketeering against American State
Nationals mistaken-on-purpose as United States Citizens or citizens of the United States must stop.
All American State Nationals including all unincorporated business employers must be released from any
presumed obligation to collect or pay income taxes. The consequences of incorporating any business
entity must be clearly stated and fully disclosed.

All military and administrative tribunals operated by the United States or any federated State of State or
County of County must clearly and fairly describe their jurisdiction and exactly who or what clientele
they serve. These same courts which have been used to harm must now be used to heal.
All court cases, all court orders, all land deeds, titles, contracts, warranties, patents and agreements of any
kind utilizing or referencing “DOG-LATIN” must be held null and void, reversed, and to the extent
possible, remedied.

All Americans merely presumed to be United States citizens and being held in federal custody for nonviolent
crimes must be immediately released. All others must have their cases promptly reviewed and
prepared for release to the custody of the actual American States and Counties.
Assets, rents, interest owed, fees, profits, and escrows owed to the American people and the American
states must be returned to them via their sovereign American States and Nations Bank and individual
State Banks.

When all our property is returned and released to us free and clear and the beneficial interest we are owed
is returned to us and to our states on the land, we will consider this probate of our earthly estate done and

Until it is, the entire Holy See is subject to our lien and our complaint is firmly lodged with the Universal
Court and in Heaven Unseen.

Anna Maria and James Clinton
c/o Post Office Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska
Postal Extension 99652
(907) 250-5087
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Probate Of Nation

Public and Private Lien Issued to the Holy See, Vassals, and Franchises

Before all creation let it be witnessed and stand that the Holy See and its Vassal known as the British
Crown and its Vassals known as the International Monetary Fund and Federal Reserve and France
(Incorporated) have benefited themselves at our expense via the establishment of titles and enclosures
which have been used by the same Vassals and Franchises to allege debts which do not exist against
persons that do not exist and states that do not exist.

These fictitious persons are operated under the defunct and obsolete and immoral Law of Noah which
was overcome and outlawed on the land circa 3785 BC.

These acts of fraud have been pursued and participated in while both the Holy See and the British
Monarch have occupied positions of trust and have pretended to us and to the rest of the world that they
have acted as our international trustees and while they and the French Government have been responsible
for administration of the United States, a corporation obligated to provide us with stipulated governmental
services, and the United States of America, another governmental services corporation employed by the
United States.

These venal acts and practices of constructive fraud have been carried out in the sight of God and are
abominations against the Truth and they are owed remedy on the land and cure on the sea and redemption
in the jurisdiction of the air.

All right, title, and interest in these organic states belong to the flesh and blood people who live in this
country who are the progeny and beneficiaries of the militia members known as the free, sovereign, and
independent people of the United States according to the Definitive Treaty of Peace, Paris, 1783.
These living people are not United States Citizens, nor are they citizens of the United States. They are
not persons and they are not personified via the use of names presented in corrupt Latin using all capital
letters. The living people are natives of fifty sovereign geographically defined nation-states; they are
known as Texans, Californians, New Yorkers, Oregonians, and so on.

Pretensions otherwise have been used to advance false claims and to justify acts of inland piracy,
unlawful conversion of assets, fraudulent conveyance of property, mischaracterization, personage,
tortuous copyright infringement, issuance of mortgages, false arrest, impersonation of elected officials
and numerous other sins and omissions.

In an effort to remedy these wrongs and establish an end to them Pope Francis has declared a Year of
Jubilee and yet no palpable and practical action has been taken by the Pontiff’s office to expedite the
return of titles held under color of law by the Vatican and its affiliates nor has there been any
administrative protocol established to assist in the re-conveyance of property interests owed to the
Americans and the actual American States, and to date the banks and attorneys and employees of the
United States, Inc., and the United States of America, Inc., and other franchises and affiliates of the Holy
See, British Crown and French Government responsible for these false claims and acts of personage on
our shores have not been compelled to cease and desist their activities and have not been redirected or reeducated.

Discussions regarding this circumstance and promises to cure have been ongoing since 2008 without
systemic beneficial result whereupon we establish a lien upon the Holy See and the British Crown and the
French Government and their franchises and affiliates payable as fifty (50) million tons of pure gold or as
the complete and actual release of all American property both public and private, free and clear of all
debt, claim, title, patent, trademark, copyright, power of attorney or other encumbrance; all property to be
returned to the actual States and people to whom the soil and assets of the soil belonged as of January of
2008 or otherwise made whole to the satisfaction of those Americans who have been harmed by
malicious foreclosures, together with all profits, fees, rents, interest on investment, disbursements,
dividends, pensions, beneficial contracts, rights, lease-holds and other property naturally belonging to us
and our estates --- due and payable now.

We take this action under the Universal Law of Necessity, having exhausted all Administrative Remedy
long ago and having endured eight (8) years of negotiations and promises which have not created any
equitable remedy nor any satisfactory correction of the operations of the American Bar Association and
its membership, the various banks owned and operated by the Holy See and its Vassals, the United States,
Inc., the United States of America, Inc., and the numerous other incorporated entities responsible for
these and other abuses of the living people on Earth.

We also establish an additional separate lien against the World Bank, International Bank of
Reconstruction and Development, and Bank of International Settlements for their role in seizing assets
owed to our grandparents and parents under the false pretense that the assets were abandoned when in fact
the Priority Creditors were never notified of the settlement of the bankruptcy of the United States of
America, Inc. and thereby deprived of their administrative relief. This separate Due Process lien is
assessed in the amount of $387 billion United States Dollars payable in gold owed to the American
people and their organic states, and which is also due and payable now.

We take this action as free, sovereign and independent people of the United States and progeny of the
militia known as the people and also act as agents of the States of America and thus in both public and
private capacity bring claim as the Priority Creditors of the United States, Inc., and the United States of
America, Inc., Federal Reserve, International Monetary Fund, United Nations Corporation, American
Corporations Company, Internal Revenue Service, Depository Trust Corporation, Bank of New York,
Bank of America, Merrill-Lynch, and all those Principals and their franchisees responsible for the
criminal misadministration of these and other foreign corporations on our shores.

We declare that we and our progeny no longer live under the Law of Noah nor under the Law of Moses
but under the Law of Yeshuah and though we retain all beneficial interest in and dominion over the Earth
and especially over those portions of the Earth that are ours by direct inheritance, we are in fact
sojourners upon the Earth permanently domiciled in the jurisdiction of the air. We declare that we are
true and verifiable biological progeny of the people known as the free, sovereign, and independent people
of the United States and that we have the standing and authority to present all claims, take against all
Wills, settle all debts and execute all processes necessary to set free our natural inheritance.

We declare that all pretension that we are persons or voluntarily choose to act as persons is a lie and
fabrication of the Father of All Lies.

We declare that we do not reside in any fictitious realm known as a State of State nor any County of
County nor Municipality operating as a franchise of the United States, Inc., the United States of America,
Inc., District of Columbia Municipal Corporation or any legal fiction construct whatsoever.
To whatever extent legal fictions can be said to exist, they exist as creations of men, and no creation is
greater than its creators.

We declare all these suppositions regarding legal fictions including names and all resulting presumptions
and assumptions of obligation to be fraudulent by nature, repugnant to reason and reality and therefore
also, void.

We declare that we do not voluntarily adopt nor assume for any purpose any sign in “DOG-LATIN”
constructed so as to deceptively resemble our given names ---which are all private property--- rendered in
English; and do not mistake such deviously constructed signs to be our name in fact and do not operate
such signs or icons in trade or business except under duress which renders any participation in Satan’s
System (SS) invalid and involuntary.

We declare also that we are not idolaters nor subject to idolatry and do not worship graven images in any
form or kind, including Federal Reserve Notes, United States Notes, Treasury Reserve Notes, or whatever
other so-called legal tender can be dreamed up and foisted off on the innocent public, nor do we worship
any coin or commodity of the Earth, for all the Earth and its products belong to us.
We declare that we are unincorporated sovereign beings and not subject as sovereigns to any crown or
state. Crowns and states are subject to and accountable to us.

We declare that we are not liable for the creation, misadministration, misconduct, and general criminality
of these various foreign corporations acting in violation of the charters, treaties, and trust indentures
which have allowed them to exist and to operate on our shores.

So it is said and done in the presence of the True God in this moment called now and in this Court of
Record entered in addition to and in support of the judgment and findings of the Alaska State Superior

Case Number 07022015-00012.