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John Attwood

John has multiple SARS in progress at present. The most prominent is regarding him obtaining his personal information from the Bank Of Ireland, who, following John's request under the DPA 1998, have provided incomplete, redacted information. John then informed the ICO who sent a very interesting reply.


BOI latest response to John Attwood's SAR dated 27/09/2017 - originally a 14 page document - we have only have shown the latest page due personal info throughout the rest. Note the amount of redaction. This is present in all pages.


ICO's response to John's complaint regarding BOI redacting his personal information - Dated 28/04/2018. Interesting to see that the ICO are giving blatantly wrong and unlawful information. This coming from the independent body set to oversee the Government in all data protection and FOI interests. Pay close attention the red highlighted section below.