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How the system tricked you into slavery

All starts with the Colonial Court Of Admiralty Act 1890 - this is where common law was changed to civil jurisdictions - Download the PDF below - the most important parts we have highlighted in yellow.  

Colonial Court Act 1890 PDF Download
Interpretation Act 1978 PDF Download
After The Gold Standard Act PDF Download
Town and Country Planning Act 1990
Local Governement Finance Act 1990 PDF Download
National Audit Office
Non-domestic rates

Using all the information above - you can put in a SAR (Subject Access Request) to your local council the following points:

1. Ask what the Mr and the Miss whether capitalized or non capitalized means on their paperwork legally.

2. Ask what the word person means and why it's in the Interpretations Act 1978 as a corporation body

3. The Gold Standard Act of 1931 to 1999 - Ask for confirmation of the GDP of the United Kingdom is the same as the gold standard

4. A National Audit is held twice a year for your local council - ask them when this is and when you can come in and inspect the books of your council tax bill

5. Have fun!